The story

The WE R Music label was founded in 2013. Dj's Brennan Heart, Code Black, Toneshifterz and Outbreak decided to join forces, and setup a collab which resulted in a leading Hardstyle label.
Brennan Heart is one of the leading artists in hardstyle music, an EDM-genre that originates from the Netherlands and has spread it wings all over the world. Brennan Heart's tracks like 'Imaginary' and 'F.I.F.O.' have been huge releases on the label, which gained international succes in different media such as radio, online platforms and events. Also Code Black is responsible for a constant flow of hits, like 'Pandora' and 'Brighter Day'. For both dj's this resulted in two high rankings in the famous DJ Mag.

Besides Brennan Heart and Code Black, Australian DJs/producers like Toneshifterz and Outbreak are prominent artist on the label. As the scene is evolving fast, WE R Music specialized within different areas by adding two extra full labels called ‘WE R Raw’ and ‘WE R Tomorrow’.

WE R Raw represents Raw Hardstyle and introduced itself with the massive Outbreak-track '#Bassface'. ‘#Bassface’ was a big favorite during the 2014-festival season and represents the sound and framework of the new label very well. As mentioned WE R Raw will be positioned as a full label alongside WE R Music to give the proper attention to the separation between ‘Raw’ and ‘Euphoric’ Hardstyle. 

Big things are also expected from the new talents that will present themselves through the label ‘WE R Tomorrow’. Brennan Heart: “Ever since the start of WE R Music we continually have been receiving a lot of demos from producers from all over the world. We are selective and will only opt for the outstanding producers who have an unique and distinguishing talent and who can add a fresh, new sound. With our team we can offer the right support to bring these artists and their music to a higher level. Aztech from Tilburg and the Canadian duo Crisis Era have been the first signings. This shows we not only help local talent with their development, but international talent as well. Eventually, I hope the talents of ‘WE R Tomorrow’ will be the ambassadors of a new generation of producers.”

The Facts

Name WE R
Founded 2013

Brennan Heart

Code Black




Sub Sonik



Crisis Era







WE R Raw


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